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  • A Way Home – Jillian Sullivan

    When life as she knew it ended, with her marriage over and her last child off into the world, writer Jillian Sullivan set out to fulfil a long-held dream of building a strawbale house. She settled in a small community in Central Otago, and A Way Home tells the story of how she eventually managed to build her new home. With her son-in-law Sam as her builder and mentor, and she as the apprentice, Jillian describes the process of having to learn how to use tools, how to be strong and to be safe and, more importantly that there is no such thing as can't. The house that arises through this memoir is a physical testament to the rebuilding of a life, of finding your place in a community, and of the unexpected joyousness in joining with others on a building project. People come from all over New Zealand to help - from Nelson, Auckland, Queenstown, from next door and from the next valleys. There are poets and artists, a magician and finance analyst, grandmothers and grandchildren, old friends, new friends and strangers. Each person brings their unique skills and gifts and leaves with new ones. The house absorbs their creativity and kindnesses. A Way Home reflects on our need for home, for community, and for finding a way to live sustainably in this rapidly changing world. The story evokes life in a harsh climate in a small village, the struggle to overcome lack of skills and strength, and to move past loneliness and loss to find a place to call home. This is an affecting story, quietly inspirational and beautifully told by a deft and skilled writer.
  • Akaroa Cooking School

    Ant and Lou Bentley gave up the corporate rat race in London to realise their dream of running a cooking school in beautiful Akaroa in NZ's South Island. Here they share their story, their recipes and their food philosphy, with ravishing photography (by my husband Alan I might add!) to match their ravishing location.
    About the Author:Lou and Ant Bentley are New Zealanders who met in London, fell in love, gave up the corporate rat race and the plastic pre-prepared food culture that went with it, returned home and established a cooking school in one of the country's most beautfiul places, the French colonial settlement of Akaroa.
  • Behind Bars – Anna Leask

    Most New Zealanders will never know what it’s like to do time, to spend days, months, years, even decades behind bars with some of the country’s most dangerous, volatile and notorious criminals. For the men and women who have spent time inside, it’s an experience they will never forget. These are their stories. Behind Bars takes you deep into the prisons of New Zealand and reveals the private lives of inmates — their first night inside, how they spend their time, how they change, learn who to trust, how to fit in and, ultimately, how they survive. A raw and fascinating glimpse into a world most of us can only imagine. ‘You exist, you survive. You see many things, and you meet many people you wish to God you’d never met. Prison is not real. What happens in there happens, but it’s not real life.’
  • Cause of Death

    Strange and shocking stories of death and murder in provincial New Zealand You won't believe these stories happened in New Zealand... Forensic and coronial pathologist Dr Cynric Temple-Camp lifts the lid on some of the most fascinating cases he's worked on during his 30-year career as a pathologist. Written with all the gritty detail of a Patricia Cornwell novel, the intrigue of Making a Murderer, and the horror of True Detective, this is a brilliantly told collection of true stories from a rural pathologist, including the high-profile Lundy murders. Told with great skill, full of suspense, cliff-hangers and bizarre and surprising twists in the narrative. Most of the examinations are at crime scenes, and there's a real sense of mystery and adventure as Dr Temple-Camp heads off, often in the middle of the night, into the unknown. A forensic pathologist is, in Dr Temple-Camp's own words: 'Someone who cuts up the dead to find out why they died.' Dr Temple-Camp's stories of spontaneous combustion, a gruesome murder right beneath the control tower at Palmerston North Airport, a mysterious death in an historic homestead, rare diseases, drug-mules, devil-worshippers, cot-deaths, land-mark cases, exhumations, are all from our own backyard. This book will shock and entertain, make you squirm but also occasionally pull at the heartstrings.
  • Chelsea Winter – Scrumptious

    The eagerly anticipated follow-up to Homemade Happiness, Everyday Delicious and At My Table. Chelsea Winter has become a saviour in the kitchen. Discover why with this utterly scrumptious collection of recipes. Packed with irresistible recipes for mouthwatering lunches and dinners, indulgent baking and wickedly good desserts, Chelsea Winter’s fourth cookbook is sure to become your new go-to for any occasion. There’s even a section on Chelsea’s festive favourites for Christmas! The 90-plus recipes are easy to follow, use ingredients on hand in your fridge or pantry, and will certainly earn you rave reviews from your family and friends.
  • Complete Kiwi Pizza Oven

    Cooking in a wood-fired pizza oven is made for Kiwi outdoor living and The Complete Kiwi Pizza Oven is the one comprehensive source of everything you need to know to share in that lifestyle. Topics include whether to build your own or buy a pre-cast oven, the best place to site it, which firewood burns best, what tools are needed, how to fire the oven and maintain the temperature, and, most importantly, what you can cook in it.   Highly regarded chef, culinary lecturer and author Alan Brown built his own oven, and here he shares invaluable practical advice on all aspects of oven management, as well as his own irresistible recipes, photographed in sumptuous colour by Todd Eyre. You won’t believe quite how delicious food tastes cooked in a pizza oven, whether seafood, meat, vegetables, bread, desserts or, of course, pizzas!   The Complete Kiwi Pizza Oven also includes the perennially popular Shed magazine article on how to build a pizza oven, as well as profiles of a variety of Kiwis and their ovens, with their (often hilarious) experiences, recipes and tips.
  • Cooking 4 Change

    Cooking 4 Change is the brainchild of celebrated New Zealand artist Dick Frizzell, his business partner Christian Kasper and TV host Erin Simpson. They asked a wide range of New Zealand celebrities to share their all-time favourite dishes in order to raise money for longstanding local charities Paw Justice, Leukaemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand, Starship Foundation and Auckland City Mission. What resulted is a diverse selection of recipes and intimate cooking stories from a raft of our favourite personalities who want to make a difference. The recipes and stories are accompanied by sumptuous photography, mostly taken inside each celebrity's own kitchen. In true New Zealand style, Cooking 4 Change showcases the amazing results Kiwis can achieve when we all work together and give back to some of our hardest-working charities.
  • Garrick Tremain – Nice & Naughty Nursery Rhymes

    THE perfect Gift Book for the hard to buy for. We've literally sold hundreds of these with people making multiple purchases of it. Certainly not for the young and has customers literally laughing out loud as they read it at the counter or read some of the poems out to friends they are shopping with. The Cockerel: A noisy little cockerel Would sing at break of day: Dogs would bark, kids would cry From bloody miles away. Folk signed a petition To say it wasn’t proper; The cockerel said “Hey get a life! I’m Bantam of the Opera”. A collection of “Nice and Naughty” rhymes each illustrated with Garrick Tremain’s colourful characters. “A fascinating journey through the nether regions” - Eric Newby “Mr Tremain is very funny, but awfully untidy” - Mrs Tremain About the Author: For 20 of the past 25 years Garrick Tremain has been New Zealand's most widely published editorial cartoonist. He has enjoyed an avid daily readership in many regions of the country, most fervently in Otago, Canterbury and Nelson. This as an adjunct to his work as a successful landscape painter. In recent years he has written and illustrated two books of comic verse. In 2005 he set out to write a book of nursery rhymes for children but could not resist putting a risque slant on most verses. Hence he titled it "NURSERY RHYMES MOTHER NEVER READ YOU". It quickly achieved Gold and Platinum status. Now in it's 6th edition it has sold over 15,000 copies.
  • Kelly Wilson – For The Love Of Horses

    For the Love of Horses is a heartfelt story about a life familiar to many young Kiwis who love horses – the trials and tears of Pony Club, the joy of riding bareback, and the pressures of adolescence and competitive showjumping. It is also the story of an unlikely childhood dream coming true. Every year in the wilderness of the Central Plateau, wild Kaimanawa horses are rounded up and sent to the slaughterhouse. It's upsetting, but what else can be done? The Wilson sisters decide something could be done. They saw future champions behind the fiery eyes and beneath the shaggy coats. In this touching book, Kelly Wilson tells the true story of how they embarked on a courageous journey to train horses that most people believed were untrainable.
  • Kelly Wilson – Stallion Challenges

    From the author of the bestselling book For the Love of Horses, comes an epic new journey to rescue wild Kaimanawa horses from the biennial cull. Follow television stars Vicki, Kelly and Amanda Wilson on their quest to train 10 wild, difficult and sometimes dangerous Kaimanawas for competition in the first national Stallion Challenges. Can the Wilsons change these horses' fate? Share the heartbreak, the pain, the elation and the success as they take on their greatest challenge yet.
  • Lecretia’s Choice – Matt Vickers

    A successful young lawyer in Wellington, Lecretia Seales met and fell in love with Matt Vickers in 2003. In Lecretia’s Choice, Matt tells the story of their life together, and how it changed when his proud, fiercely independent wife was diagnosed with a brain tumour and forced to confront her own mortality. The death she faced—slow, painful, dependent—was completely at odds with how she had lived her life. Lecretia wanted to die with dignity, to be able to say goodbye well, and not to suffer unnecessarily—but the law denied her that choice. With her characteristic spirit, she decided to mount a challenge in New Zealand’s High Court, but as the battle raged, Lecretia’s strength faded. She died on 5 June 2015, at the age of forty-two, the day after her family learned that the court had ruled against her. Lecretia’s Choice is not only a moving love story but compulsory reading for everyone who cares about the dignity we afford terminally ill people who want to die on their own terms.