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    Can't choose or want to give the recipient the fun of choosing their Gift?  Then an Emma's at Oxford Gift Voucher is the way to go!  The vouchers can be spent either on-line or in-store.   Choose from $20, $30, $40, $50, $80 or $100.   However, if there is another denomination you would prefer please let us know and we can make it up for you. We will post or email this Voucher to the Recipient - please let us know which option you would like at Checkout.
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  • Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans – Cafe Latte

    These chocolate coated Coffee Beans are hand panned to create a perfectly rounded, polished finish. Addictive.
  • Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans – Short Black

    These chocolate coated Coffee Beans are hand panned to create a perfectly rounded, polished finish. Addictive & Dairy free.
  • Cous Cous 400g

    A delicious accompaniment with any meal that bursts with flavour. Two delicious flavours: Spinach and Pinenut or Lemon, Coriander and Chilli  
  • Drinking Chocolate – Belgian Style 150gm

    This isn't your everyday drinking chocolate. Using the finest West African Cocoa Beans we bring you a rich smooth chocolate sensation. The definitive luxury.
  • Gummies – Prosecco

    The perfect "Girlfriend Gift". Classic Prosecco Gummies are unique gourmet gummies shaped as sparkling bubbles. Made with real Prosecco, these classy, soft gummies are full of flavour and has an incredibly rich, juicy texture.  Gluten Free.
  • Gummies – Sparkling Rose

    The perfect "Girlfriend Gift".   Soft gummies infused with real rosé, blended with a hint of strawberry and sprinkled with sour sugar crystals.  Gluten Free.
  • Mulled Wine

    A hot, spicy drink with a wonderful aroma that gives an immediate lift on a cold winters night. This delightful ruby red drink just needs to be simmered and served. No more balancing the right ingredients.  Makes approx 1 litre and can I just add, 1 packet is never enough!
  • Russian Fudge 100g

    Guaranteed to satisfy the most sinful candy cravings. This handmade Russian Fudge is sweet and crumbly all in one bite. Eat straight from the bag, or as a lively kick to ice cream as a crumbly topping.
  • Salty Caramel Popcorn – 150g

    A deep, rich, sweet caramel with a sprinkling of Marlborough flaky sea salt. A staff favorite! Perfect for sharing....
  • Vanilla Bean Sugar 200g

    Using premium organic golden Sugar as a base, it is delicately infused with Heilala Vanilla Extract and then mixed with very finely ground Vanilla Beans to create the most perfect combination of the sweetness of sugar and the intoxicating flavour of Pure Vanilla. The sugar is a delight to sprinkle over freshly bakes biscuits, cakes and muffins, as well as add a dose of decadence to French toast and pancakes. For a twist on the original, why not try Heilala Vanilla Sugar on the rim of your cocktail glass.
  • Vanilla Beans 3pk (15g)

    Vanilla Beans so moist, plump, and packed full of seeds and flavour, chefs around the world are raving about them! With their distinctive shine and intoxicating fragrance, Heilala Vanilla Beans are in a league of their own. With many foodie book or magazine recipes featuring vanilla beans, you can use a whole bean if the recipe requests or lay the bean on a chopping board, split open with a sharp knife and scrape out the vanilla seeds (vanilla caviar).  Direct from our plantation to your pantry, and are immaculately presented in a glass tube, with a cork to ensure they remain fresh in your pantry.